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Melisma Academy strives to inculcate in its students skills, qualities and personalities that help them be the best versions of themselves.

SPECTRUM is a one of a kind school program, that brings you 7 quality trainings to your school at an unbelievable price!

We've realised along the years that an overall development of the child is more important than an outstanding academic performance..

In a nutshell - Our team of extremely talented teachers will visit your campus regularly and give precisely curated and quality trainings to your students in their respective domains.

SPECTRUM is designed with only one thing in mind - to induce leadership qualities, self reliance, confidence and skills that result in the overall development of the student.

We do this by introducing and mandating a special training for all students -
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

Here's a detailed look at all the trainings that you get with SPECTRUM!

How it all started

We just couldn’t think of a world without music, without culture and to make this art accessible, with quality educators was what we started with.
Starting with in-center trainings, we trained students ranging from the age of 3 to 65! All in one place, learning the same art, together as peers. Now thats something we‘d never seen before.

Melisma The Academy was founded in the year 2018, by a group of people with a united vision-

“To transform the children of India into responsible and strong personalities who along with academics, are also equipped with professional artistic and leadership skills.”

Run by a team with over 20+ years of experience in Education, Media and Event Management, Melisma has a unique vision for it’s students and the country.

Melisma Academy now provides trainings in Music-Instrumental, Vocal, Indian Classical Dance forms, Western Forms, Self-Defense, Tactical trainings and PSSR.

Boy singing Classical Indian Music.

Indian Classical & Western Vocal

The Vocal training at Melisma is for aspiring singers, who need no instrument tomake music but only their voice!

Vocal training is a fun but a serious practice.
Proper guidance and techniques from professionally trained teachers ensure that the students learn the basic of classical music as well as develop the ability to enthrall the audience with their voice singing out their favourite genre.

Boy learning guitar at Melisma.Boy learning the Piano at Melisma.Boys learning the guitar at Melisma.
Boy learning guitar at Melisma.Boys learning the guitar at Melisma.Boy learning the Piano at Melisma.

Instrumental - Guitar, piano and Tabla

Melisma offers trainings in Acoustic Guitar, Piano and the Violin.

The Piano, Guitar and Violin have a similar curriculum, all of them being Western Instruments.

Often when the students gain enough skill to play their respective instruments – they are made to play the same songs in synchronization, much like an Orchestra.

A woman in a Kathak pose.

contemporary dance
and kathak

Melisma offers Dance in two forms – The Indian Classical and Contemporary genre.

Kathak is an Indian classical dance form. Taught and learnt primarily by girls – it is a dance form with great importance in the Indian Dance industry.

On the other hand, for students whose legs tap to funky beats we have the contemporary dance form with popular styles such as hip-hop, locking and
popping, robotics, break dance etc.

personal safety & social responsibility

Children learning about firefighting and fire prevention.

With the rise in crime rates in the country, we made sure to include this Personal Safety and Social Responsibility training in our palette.

This special training set teaches the students various essential life-skills like Self-Defense, Fire-Fighting, Survival Techniques, unarmed combat, first-aid and more.

What does a child do in case of a fire?
How does he save his/her friends?
What will be their first steps in case of an earthquake?
What to do if someone assaults or attempts a kidnap?
How to give First-Aid?

Young girls learning self defense.

We train our students, especially girls in self-defense, combat techniques and escape techniques. With qualified trainers in self-defense who train our BSF and ITBP groups in unarmed combat as our teachers, we ensure every student knows how to keep oneself and others around safe and sound, if the need arises.

Do you run a school in India?

We have a curated program specially designed for schools called Spectrum, which brings you these quality trainings at your school for an amazing price.

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